The Ceremony

The Ceremony

We live in difficult times. Haunted by ghosts but bereft of spirituality.
We wander amongst the detritus and our machines. Lonely but never alone. The gods and ghosts speak to us but we have forgotten their language.
Dark days need ceremony.
A group of theatre makers invite you to join them in the performance of a ceremony.
Using our bodies and voices, objects and magic we will attempt to connect with something greater than ourselves. Something just beyond. It might be beautiful. It might be ridiculous. It will probably be both. It will take patience and time.
This is not a beginning. This is not an ending. Though you may find both.
This is a ceremony of forever becoming.
The ceremony we need. Maybe.
This performance is inclusive and can be participatory but it aims to be gentle and kind.
The Ceremony is a the culmination of a research by Wayne Jordan who is a Masters student of Directing for Devised and Object Theatre at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre in DAMU.

This performance is a part of festival


a showcase of graduating students of the MA program in Directing for Devised and Object Theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) led by Sodja Lotker.


6th & 7th of December 2019


Eight performances made in the last two years: soft immersion, critical intimacy, durational destabilization, refocused perception, immediate co-creation and much more.


(De)formation #2 - Israel Lopez

The Applause - Lea Kukovicic

Go Away - See If I’m There - Eva Rosemarijn

Crying Zone - Zofia Komasa

My Apartment - Ine Ubben

An Experiment For Two - Tinka Avramova

Marie Antionette Walks Down An Elegant Hallway Knowing Everybody Hates Her - Alyssa Dillard

The Ceremony - Wayne Jordan

Originally created and performed by:
Wayne Jordan. Tinka Avramova, Emil Rot, Alyssa Dillard, Pietro Ferreri, Riin Maide, Ran Jiao, Sai Psyn, Carolina Arandia, Nitish Jain, Cristina Manuela Romero and others

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