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They created what made them proud, what made them move. And they are looking at it as kids look at something they built on their own. No matter the shape, no matter the resources, no matter the consequences.

Younger children build for fun. Older ones build for realism. 

A leaf blower, chairs, bubble wrap, hangers, a door, feathers, an inflatable ball, nails, pallets, a trampoline, a washing machine and lots of rope to pull everything towards the sky! 

To build a part of the universe that will move others.

Upcoming dates

Wed / 05/29 19:30
Thu / 05/30 19:30
Ensemble: Alternative

Premiere 15 December 2023

Duration: 60 minutes

Nonverbal - Without language barriers. 

Director: Aljoša Lovrić Krapež

Dramaturge and light designer: Pedro Gramegna Ardiles

Dramaturge and sound designer: David Ficek

Scenographer: Jasmine Molinari

Costume designer: Mara Ingea

production: Lenka Pitronová, Barbora Zajíčková 

performers: Michaela Čajkovičová, Michal Salwiński, Ana Nežmah, Filip Mramor, Sai Morikawa

supervision: Ing. MgA. Branislav Mazúch, doc. MgA. Sodja Zupanc-Lotker, Ph.D.