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: Nebeská & Volánková a kol.

The worm is in the human heart. We have to look for it there. So we have to watch and understand the pernicious game that leads from foresight to existence to an escape from life.
/ Albert Camus /

We may have met in a funeral home, although you may not even remember who you said goodbye to at the time. We may have seen each other on the beach while you were holding your breath underwater. Maybe we met by the pool at the diving board, where you were hesitant about how to dive in correctly. Or maybe we are yet to meet. Who knows. Because maybe it's all just a board game. Maybe, you aren't even real...

The play is loosely inspired by the life and work of V. Woolf, S. Kane and S. Plath.

Special reprise on 12 June in English (without subtitles).

Upcoming dates

Sun / 04/16 15:00
Ensemble: Drama

author: Volánková & Nebeská
directed by: Kateřina Volánková
dramaturgy: Kristýna Nebeská
music: Berenika Anna Mikeschová
set and costumes: Klára Pavlíčková & Hana Kessnerová
production: Aneta Krsová
movement cooperation: Klára Jelínková
voice and acting cooperation: MgA. Eva Spoustová-Málková
starring: Simona Lewandowska, Anna Glässnerová, Lenka Netušilová