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: Eliška Říhová

The Lord of the house has not appeared for several years. Does he still live here? Don't ask questions and keep maintaining The house in order until he returns. But for how long?

We have locked God between four walls in hope that whenever we stop by his house, he will be at home. We have built him palaces with tall columns and arches, but today we feel sick from that height. What can be done in cathedrals at a time when the shrines became meditation gardens, minimalist workspaces and cozy cafes? And who will stay in our churches in the end? 

We brought you proclamation of what will happen when the door closes behind the last visitor.

Performance is created for standing audience. Seating will be provided if needed upon request. 

Ensemble: Alternative

ENGLISH FRIENDLY (little dialogue, play can be fully enjoyed by everyone)

Premiere 17. 12. 2021

Length: 80 minutes

author, director: Eliška Říhová
dramaturgy: Lenka Karaka, Johanka Bártová
stage design and costumes: Lucie Pangrácová, Ellen Pavková, Jakub Šulík
sound design: Michaela Švédová
production: Alice Kofláková, Alexandra Niedomanská, Jakub Novotný  
photography: Veronika Čechmánková
supervision: MgA. Mgr. Marta Ljubková, MgA. Dragan Stojčevski, Ph.D.
choreography: Lenka Nahodilová
trailer: Lenka Karaka
acknowledgement: David Payne, Jakub Prašivka, Julie Levková, Krzysztof Dedek, Ondřej Šesták